Kirsten Goodwin, Life Coach and Executive Coach

"Kirsten has changed my mindset for the future.  The results in each session were unbelievable, and she has helped me get to where I am today, feeling confident to lead others, manage meetings, and make a difference at work." 

RD, Bury St Edmunds

"Kirsten is such an insightful, supportive and intuitive coach. I feel inspired and so much lighter after our sessions and have gained incredible relief in learning how to be kinder to myself.  I'd recommend Kirsten to anyone who feels stuck in some aspect of their life. She's certainly changed mine."

JG, Los Angeles

"This is basically a thank you to Kirsten. She taught me skills to deal with my day to day negative thought patterns and has stopped my fears. I feel so much better. I recommend Kirsten to anyone."   

AS, Bury St Edmunds

"Kirsten led me through a transformative process which reminded me of the strengths I have in me, just waiting to be used. Her confident, calm yet energetic coaching made me feel safe and inspired.

SWH, Norway

"Kirsten has the wonderful ability to be able to reach in and intuitively pick the right approach for each session. Six months later, and I am still reaping the benefits of Kirsten's wonderful techniques, and seeing a new future unfold as a result.  Powerful stuff.  And a joy to work with!" 

KM, Bury St Edmunds

With Kirsten's gentle yet affirmative coaching style, I feel completely empowered to take back control and find a new way forward.  Thank you Kirsten, you got me back on track."

LS, Brighton