I am enormously lucky to work with some incredible, inspiring women (and men!). Here is a selection of feedback from some of my lovely clients. 


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Rachel Burgess


California, USA

"Kirsten is amazing! Her positive energy and attitude are palpable and she is a brilliant thought leader.


She understands how to get to the root cause of what you're struggling with and has powerful solutions.


When I was struggling with my energy and sense of self after being unemployed for seven months, she was able to help me implement a simple but effective strategy in my next interview that helped me to land the job.


The difference was night and day - I didn't realize how far off my energy had been until that point.


Kirsten is so great and I continue to look to her for advice and pointers in my day to day life.

I highly recommend her to any and all women, no matter where you're at in your career."

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Jennifer Gates

Suffolk, UK

"Before working with Kirsten I felt like I had hit a rut in my career. I suffered from Imposter Syndrome, lacking confidence in my abilities.


However, I still had a desire to push forward and be successful, which is why I sought out Kirsten's help.


Kirsten taught me to be kinder to myself, to recognise that my limits weren't all that limiting and to take time to care for myself as well as my job.  


She helped me to build new pathways of positive thinking; and I now have a better understanding of what makes me tick, and how I can ensure that every role I take on reflects my values.  I feel much more positive about my career now.


By having more confidence in my own abilities, I no longer feel that I'm "asking a stupid question" and I know that my thoughts are worth voicing. 


As a result of coaching with Kirsten, I have had the confidence to take an active role in meetings, and to take on a promotion!


I would definitely recommend coaching with Kirsten. I came to her following a recommendation from a friend, and I would advise anyone who feels like they have hit a roadblock to contact her.


Investing in yourself is one of the most valuable ways to spend your money, especially when you are working on your mindset.


How would I describe coaching with Kirsten? Like the upbeat yet serene music played in a spa: calm and inviting, yet positive and invigorating!"

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Victoria Buxton-Helyer

London, UK

"I would highly recommend Kirsten as a coach. She is a passionate advocate for all of her clients as well as having great expertise in the female psyche (in particular).


Before I started working with Kirsten, I was frustrated, felt overworked and unappreciated, and was really 'stuck' about what my next steps looked like and how to positively challenge the situation I was in.


Kirsten helped me understand Imposter Syndrome (which I had heard of but hadn't considered myself having).


Working with her helped me to realise that I did, and that it manifested in me working incredibly hard to prove myself... I was scared that my only value was working hard, and if I wasn’t working hard I lost my value.


This was the key that helped me unlock what had previously felt like a fog of confusion and start to tackle the challenges I was facing.


The can do and supportive approach Kirsten brought to our sessions helped disentangle a confusing spiderweb of thoughts and emotions...and discover a new career path that I am now greatly enjoying.


Most importantly, working with Kirsten helped me rediscover ‘me’ and find my confidence and passion again.


She also taught me valuable strategies for managing the inner critic that so may of us (and especially women) battle daily, as well as helping me identify, and take pride in, my skills and core values.


I don’t know why, but despite having a successful career and originally being very confident in myself, I lost my way at some point.


Kirsten helped me find my way back.


I can’t recommend coaching with her highly enough, she is friendly and inspiring to work with and has great expertise in her field."

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