Why You Are Stronger In a Team

It's been a big week:

my new community building, that I have spent the last nearly 4 years working towards, was delivered to site.

As this is published, the builders are working on completing the interior, cladding the exterior, and finishing the paths, fencing, and landscaping.

We are so nearly there! 😁🎉

This is been a personal labour of love.

It is my "other job", that I actually had before I even started my business, and to which I have been devoting the most enormous amount of time, energy, and mental focus.

But even more than that, it has been a team effort.

We are here today as a result of the teamwork between myself and my colleague, and now good friend, Ruth Walker (pictured).

We've supported each other to keep making the difficult decisions, keep writing the grants, keep wrestling with the logistics, the unforeseen problems, and the difficult people.

We couldn't have done it without each other 💞

And we couldn't have done it without the support and contributions of the rest of the Horringer Pre-School Management Committee, the staff, and the local community, who have supported us all the way through.

To me, the fact we have raised over £150k in 3.5 years and successfully installed this new building is testament to the power of teamwork 😍

And teamwork is what will keep us all going through these challenging times 💪

So, fittingly, my final edition of my #SummerStories is all about the power of teamwork.

As illustrated beautifully in the ancient Hindu story of the Two Armies.

For many centuries, a war was waged between two opposing armies.

On the one side were the Devas, and on the other were the Asuras.

They were fighting for dominion over the three worlds: Heaven, Earth, and the Netherworld.

The problem was that the two armies were both fearsome fighters, and were very evenly balanced.

Neither side could manage to decisively beat the other.

Which is why the war went on and on…

Eventually both sides grew so tired that they appealed to Lord Brahma.

“Help us Lord! We are both exhausted by our many years of fighting. No-one can win! Can you help us decide who is the victor of our battle?"

Lord Brahma thought for a while.

Then he said,

“As the war has lasted so long, I invite you both to a feast so that you can relax and replenish yourselves while I make up my mind.

However, there is one proviso: none of you may bend your arms while at the feast.”

The Devas and the Asuras were grateful that Lord Brahma was going to intervene to resolve their conflict.

So they all sat down at the amazing feast that Lord Brahma provided.

But Lord Brahma’s command about having only straight arms made it very difficult.

It turned out it was impossible to put food into one’s own mouth with straight arms…

Both armies struggled on for a while.

Then eventually the Devas had an idea.

It might be impossible to feed YOURSELF with straight arms - but you could feed your companion - and they could then feed you.

So all around the Devas feasting table, the fighters paired up and fed each other until they were all satisfied.

But the Asuras didn’t see, and didn’t work it out - so they remained hungry and divided, arguing about how they could possibly eat…

Lord Brahma noticed all of this.

And he said, “I have made my decision. I have decided that the winner of this battle between your two armies must be the Devas.

This is because they learned how to work together to feed themselves at the feast. They are united as a team. And therefore they are the stronger army.”

And with that, Lord Brahma declared the united Devas as the winners of the war, and peace was finally brought to the land.

Sometimes the way forward for you personally is through helping your team succeed.

Together, we are stronger... 💖


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Kirsten xx

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