Why Self-Awareness is the First Step to Naked Confidence™

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Self-awareness is the first step.

This is a fundamental principle of my coaching, and also the First Pillar of my "Banish Imposter Syndrome and Discover Naked Confidence™" Programme.

But what is self-awareness, and why do I believe it matters so much?

1. Self-awareness is the foundation of change

With self-awareness, you can recognise where you are now with clear eyes, really gaining a true understanding of which parts of your career and mindset are fulfilling, sustaining, and empowering you.

Plus recognising to what extent you are feeling limited, crippled or undermined by your current situation and thought patterns.

This awareness of your starting point is vital because it provides you with the motivation to change.

And it also gives you a direction for that change, even if, at the start, it is only “away from” where you are now.

Having a positive direction to change towards is important, but that comes as part of the process.

Often we start with an “away from” motivation: “I don’t want to not fit into my dresses” or “I don’t want to be puffed out from running for the bus”.

This is a natural and human response: we are strongly programmed to move away from things that cause us pain.

But that “away from” reflex only lasts as long as the pain lasts.

If you want to create real, lasting change, you will choose to find a powerful “towards” motivation”.

And that too comes from self-awareness…

When you work with me, an important part of the process is to really choose to recognise where you are now.

It can be painful to acknowledge how much your limiting beliefs and negative internal voice is damaging you, your confidence, and your career.

But it is done in the context of recognising that this is the start of a new chapter.

I can offer hope that you will learn how to change these feelings through our work together.

I will support you every step of the way.

And when you truly see where you are now, it is a powerful motivator for you to take inspired action through our coaching journey.

Ripping off the plaster can be painful.
But you need to let light and air into the wound for it to properly heal.

And I do know what it’s like.

When I first realised I had been thinking myself into chronic fatigue for over 15 years, with all the limitations that brought into my life, all those missed opportunities because I was stuck on the sofa, unable to do anything except watch endless episodes of House Doctor…

That was a painful realisation.

But recognising that I had thought myself into it also allowed me to believe I could think myself out of it.

That painful realisation was the start of my cure.

So self-awareness provides the catalyst to taking the necessary action to achieve the change you want.

2. Self-awareness supports lasting transformations

Self-awareness is a crucial part of the journey of change.

Through self-awareness we are able to recognise which actions we’re taking are having the most impact, and adjust our behaviour accordingly.

Through our time together you will do a wide variety of coaching techniques to address your Imposter Syndrome, limiting beliefs, and inner critic.

We will explore:

🔥 logical, factual analysis

🔥 powerful unconscious processes

🔥 self-reflective worksheets

🔥probing conversations

🔥 peaceful guided visualisations

🔥 insightful role plays

🔥 and lots of opportunities to practice what you’ve learned with tailored homework in between sessions.

Exactly which tools I use will depend on you and your personal circumstances - and everyone responds differently to them, some finding the unconscious work more powerful, for example, or others finding the conversations more transformational.

Your self-awareness will enable you to get the most out of these different techniques, enabling you to practice the ones that are delivering the most transformational change for you.

Plus self-awareness will enable you to see the cumulative impact of these techniques, as they gently but powerfully build and layer upon one another to deliver profound change.