Why I Became The Naked Confidence™ Coach

I had my first panic attack in a meeting, three weeks after starting my first proper job.

I had my second on the way to work the next morning.

I went on to build a highly-successful career in the UK Civil Service - all while continuing to suffer, in silence, with both panic attacks and chronic fatigue, terrified I’d get found out 😢

It took years of denial, and then self-discovery, before I finally realised, on a retreat in Thailand, how I’d been undermining myself through my negative internal voice and limiting beliefs.

I learned powerful tools to free myself of these, and create instead my own internal cheerleader - and I went on to thrive in my most difficult role yet:

🌟 no more panic attacks, no more chronic fatigue...

My husband Kevin and I, the year we met (similar hairstyle, different colour!)

Years later, after a career break, getting married, having a daughter and travelling the world, I realised I wanted to get back into the workplace.

It's important to me to contribute to my family; to be a good role model for my daughter; and above all, the reason I became a Civil Servant in the first place...'s important to me to help people.

I want to leave the world a better place than I found it 🌟

I went on my own journey of career discovery, and realised that the aspect of my Civil Service career that I'd found most satisfying, and had had the most lasting impact, was the coaching and mentoring of my staff.

Thanks to me, people had got promotions, got better jobs, or learned key skills that meant they were more qualified and able to succeed.

THAT was my legacy - not the legislation I'd helped create, the new structures I'd set up, or the reams of paperwork I'd produced.

So I decided to retrain as a coach - and in April 2018, Kirsten Goodwin Coaching was born.

My original logo!

My coaching purpose

I always knew I wanted to coach women to succeed in their dream roles.

I started doing this by helping them get clarity and confidence on the right career change for them.

And I loved it! 😍

Helping women (and men) find their way through the overwhelm and confusion, supporting them as they moved from "stuck" to "motivated, clear and positive" - the last few years have been a privilege and an honour.

And I am so grateful to every one of my clients for trusting me to support them on their journey.

I have learned so much, and discovered that I have the best job in the world 💖

That's what it looks like to love your job... ;)

But then lockdown happened.

The world changed forever, practically overnight.

I found myself called to help my clients and connections in a different way.

No longer was I simply supporting them with their career clarity, rather I was helping them their mindset.

Helping them to stay positive and productive during these challenging times.

I realised that - especially after my own years of panic attacks and chronic fatigue - having a successful career is first about having the right mindset:

🌟 having a positive internal voice, and overcoming those terrible limiting beliefs.

And I realised that while I’ve been helping my clients get new careers through my coaching so far, I’ve actually been doing this all along through transforming their mindset.

Helping them tap into that powerful internal confidence that is already there, just covered up with fears and limiting beliefs.