What You Need to Be Coachable

Coaching is a two-way process...

I had the wonderful experience this week of an unsolicited testimonial from a client I’d just finishing working with:

I got lots of lovely comments congratulating me on my client's result.

However - it was my client that actually did the work.

I guided her on her journey (and it was a privilege to do so! 😍).

But it was her commitment to the process, her willingness to be honest, open and take action, that made it a success.

If you’re not coachable, coaching won’t work…

I’ve seen with my clients that there are certain patterns of behaviour or thought that are crucial to a successful coaching journey.

So this blog is all about how you can best approach coaching with me, so that you can banish your Imposter and discover your Naked Confidence.

1. Recognise you don’t like where you are

I say it repeatedly: self-awareness is the first step.

Without that, you don’t have the recognition that you have a problem.

You don’t see that if you do nothing, nothing will change.

And you recognise that you can’t do it alone - because going it alone isn’t getting you anywhere.

This realisation is usually what prompts people to reach out and ask for coaching.

Part of my job when we first start off is to reassure you that, although this self-awareness can be painful, it is the springboard that will take you forward into your new life 💪

But unless you have that recognition that you don’t like where you are, you will be missing that motivation to change.

I coach women who want to change.

2. Be willing to accept support, and to learn

Coaching is NOT a one-way process, where I am the guru and you sit at my feet, lapping up my words of wisdom.

I will be the first to say that I don’t have all the answers.

But that’s OK - in fact, that’s not the job of a coach.

My job is to help you find the answers - and that Naked Confidence - that’s already inside you 🔥

And I do that by asking probing questions, providing a supportive challenge to your habitual patterns of thought, and reflecting back to you the world, or your perspective on it, in a different way.

And of course I also teach you new skills, tools and techniques to help you banish that Imposter and discover your Naked Confidence 😁💪

We are on this journey together.


In order for this journey to be successful, you do need to be willing to accept my support.

To recognise that you may have things you could do better.

And be open to learning new perspectives, or new ways of thinking.

My commitment to you is that our journey is unique: the dynamic we have can never be replicated with anyone else 💖

And I will adapt our journey to your personal needs.

However, I am highly-experienced in guiding people on this journey, so it's important that you trust that.

I coach women who are open to guidance.

3. Choose to believe that things can get better.

At the start of Lockdown 1.0, I recorded a video about Pandora’s Box.

Most people know the old Greek myth: when Pandora opened the forbidden box, all the evils flooded into the world.

But what people often forget is that at the very bottom of the empty box was something very important: hope 🌟

When you are struggling, it can feel very bleak, and that there is no light at the end of the tunnel - that things cannot change. But the stark reality is that that is an unhelpful thought.

My coaching is based on the idea that you accept where you are now (self-awareness), and are choosing to take action to change that.

For coaching to be successful, you have to believe that change is possible!