What to Expect When You Work With Me

Updated: Oct 14

If you've decided now is the time to tackle your Imposter Syndrome, you've come to the right place.

Embarking on coaching is exciting, but it can also be a bit scary: how much time will it take? What am I going to need from you? How will it all work?!

Read on to find out the answer! 😁

My Coaching Process

I've been coaching for over three years now, and during that time I've defined the ideal coaching process to deliver the best possible results for my clients.

(If you want to see proof, have a look at my testimonials!)

My clients:

🔥 find their Naked Confidence, ie re-discover that deep-rooted self-belief that has been covered up by self-doubt and limiting beliefs

🔥 develop powerful skills that help them quieten that terrible inner critic

🔥 and learn instead how to build their positive, supportive internal cheerleader.

As a result, my clients:

💪 have been promoted (including to Managing Director, running their own organisations)

💪 have had the confidence to go for career changes, or move countries to follow their career dreams

💪 and most importantly they've learned how to thrive professionally and emotionally, no matter what their work throws at them.

It is a joy and a privilege to help my clients achieve these goals! 😍

In this blog post I break down the exact process, step by step, so you know exactly what to expect when working with me.

(Please note, coaching is a journey that each client and I walk together. So the actual CONTENT of the coaching sessions - while they will have some common themes, or tools - is unique to each client. But the PROCESS by which these sessions are delivered is consistent.)

✴️ 1. Booking the initial call

Once you think you'd like to find out more about how I can help you achieve your goals, the first step is to book an initial call.

You do this through my online booking system, which allows you to select an available slot in my calendar.

This is scheduled for 30 minutes, but I encourage you to make sure you don't have to rush off straight away at the 30 minutes mark - sometimes we get so deep in the session that it's good to have a bit more time! 😁

Within 24 hours of you booking this session, you will receive by email:

  • confirmation from me that I've seen you've booked into my diary

  • a Zoom link for our session

  • a pre-session questionnaire, so that we can hit the ground running (to be completed at least 24 hours before the call please)

  • plus some pre-reading so that you have as much information as possible before we talk.

The pre-reading will include some helpful background on my coaching, such as these blog posts:

How Much Does Imposter Syndrome/ Career Confidence Coaching Cost?

The Career Coaching Jargon Buster - A Beginner's Guide

9 Common Myths About Career Coaching

✴️ 2. During the initial call

This is an opportunity for me to get a better understanding of your exact situation currently, and how you want it to change.

So I will start the call by asking you questions about this, building on the information you've given me in your questionnaire answers.

This process is always an enlightening experience: you will begin to understand more about yourself and your goals just from these questions - and also start learning some tools you can put into practice straight away.

(In fact, one of my clients aced a job interview just from the work we did during her initial call!)

Then, if it seems like we're a good fit, we will talk about how my coaching process can help you.

There is no hard sell!

If I don't believe I can help you, or I don't think that we'll work well together, I will tell you. (It's not in my interests to take on a client for whom I don't think I'm the right coach.)

My signature programme is for 6 months of online coaching, but I do have other options that we can discuss, to get the best results for you, at your budget.

Making a decision

If you decide you want to go ahead on the call, we will choose the date for our first session, and I will take a few registration details (phone number, address etc).