The Tools and Mindset You Need to Succeed

Which words in the picture above stand out to you?

This "wordcloud" was given to me by my team to mark the Opening Ceremony of our amazing new building.

I thought it summed up very well the MINDSET and TOOLS you need to achieve your goals.

Tools first:

🌟 ACORN PROJECT - I decided from the beginning that we needed branding, something catchy that people could rally behind. (It was so successful that the Pre-School children are now known locally as "the little Acorns"...)

🌟 FUNDRAISING / GRANTS / IDEAS - the key tools we used to raise the money - without the work, and the ideas behind the work, we would never have got there...

🌟 MEETINGS / ZOOM / TEXTS - the tools I used to drive forward the Project efficiently and effectively, managing the process and the governance. Communication is crucial!

🌟 TIME - things that are worth doing are worth your time! And this really did take time - hours, and days, and weeks, and months, and years of it...

And now the really important bit, the Mindset.

You can have the best tools in the world, but without the right mindset you won't get anywhere!

🌟 VISIONARY / FUTURE - you have to articulate where are you going! You will have more success motivating yourself, and others, if you can create a compelling vision of the exciting future you will manifest through your effort.

🌟 COMMUNITY / PRE-SCHOOL / LOVE - this was our "why" - the reason we started, and the reason we kept going...

🌟 PERSUASIVE / POSITIVE / ENTHUSIASTIC - being able to persuade and motivate others that our goal was worth achieving, worth donating to, and worth keeping going for (despite the setbacks and struggles) was crucial. Other people on the project commented that they doubted we'd get there - I never did. It was my part of my job ALWAYS to stay positive that we could and would achieve it,

🌟 RELENTLESS / KNEE DEEP - the word "relentless" really stood out for me. The process was relentless - so many different elements to juggle and drive forward. I did feel truly "knee deep" in it, for years! But actually "relentless" for me sums up my MINDSET more than anything else - I had to be completely relentless in my approach to the project, never doubting, never giving up, to make sure that we succeeded.

🌟 FUN / FIZZ - people won't keep going, especially through the hard times, unless there is also an element of fun! And it's also really important to reward progress: my fellow project manager and I always made sure our key milestones were celebrated with Prosecco...

So that's what we did again yesterday, at our socially-distanced Opening Ceremony.

Tears, laughter, and the joy of having actually done it.

L-R: Stephie Page (Pre-School Manager), Ruth Walker (fellow Acorn Project Manager), Wendy Hill (representing Horringer WI), me, Karen Soons (our County Councillor), Terry Clements (our Borough Councillor).

The ribbon-cutting!


This was the final milestone for the Acorn Project: now it's the start of a whole new era for the Acorn Building.

And it's the start of a whole new era for me...

For the first time in nearly four years, I can feel myself re-surfacing.

My energy, focus and time is no longer split between my business, and my "other job".

I can't wait to throw myself into growing my business and serving my clients even better than ever before 😍

Watch this space for some exciting news! 😁

Wishing you a positive and productive week 😊💖💪

Kirsten xx

p.s. if you'd like to experience the power of a positive mindset in helping you achieve your goals through my transformational 1:1 coaching, get in touch!

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Ruth and I with our wordclouds, in front our of Tree of Friends