The Positive Power of Perspective

The enforced life change of lockdown has offered all of us a chance to see our lives and careers in a different light:

from adapting to the good and bad bits of office working, to learning how best we can be positive and productive at home.

And the start of the six week summer holiday certainly feels very different after 2 months of juggling WFH with homeschooling...

Perspective is a wonderful thing.

And although the last few months have at times been incredibly challenging, that is one gift we have been given:

the opportunity to take a new, perhaps more accurate, perspective on what living a successful life means to us.

So for this week's edition of my #SummerStories, the subject of perspective is illustrated beautifully by the Aesop’s Fable about the Monster on the Moon.

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A long time ago, there was a man who loved looking at the heavens.

He was fascinated by the moon and the stars.

To be able to look at the more closely, he spent a long time designing and building a telescope.

This was a real labour of love.

He had to make glass using sand and heat, which he then ground down to make the lenses.

He had to explain to the blacksmith exactly what kind of a shape he wanted to fit them into, and help him make it.

He had to go to the forest to chop down a tree, and then use the wood to build a stand for his metal casing containing his glass lenses.

He then had to fit it all together - until he had a wonderful telescope, just as he’d imagined.

He was so excited to use the telescope for the first time!

He waited impatiently for night-time…

Finally, when it was dark, he bent down, put his eye to the eyepiece and looked at the moon for the very first time…

And he saw, on the bright shining moon, a huge creature with six spindly legs!

He gasped!

He couldn’t believe it!

Now that he had this telescope he could see - there was a monster on the moon!

He called his family and neighbours to come to see.

They also bent down, looked through the eyepiece, and then marvelled at the monster.

It looked so big and scary!

Thank goodness it was miles away, on the moon…

The man’s wife now took her turn at the telescope.

She too saw the monster - but rather than exclaiming, she went quiet.

She looked again.

She went round to the other end of the telescope, and looked in the bottom.

The others laughed at her - “what are you doing, you can’t see anything from that end!”.

Then she took the telescope out of its stand, prised out the glass lens, and shook the casing.

Out onto the floor fell a tiny spider…

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Kirsten xx

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