Positive thoughts from Lockdown #9

This has been Mental Health Awareness Week.

We are in a time of particular challenge to mental health.

But I had my own struggles for many years...

This week, I look back at how far I've come (watch the video here)...

Plus, there are:

馃専 tips on how to find your "flow"

馃専 why it's worth not letting lockdown irritants get to you...

馃専 and the importance of community (my community is pictured above).

I hope you find them positive and motivating! 馃挅


Imagine a weekend trip away, taking planes and tubes.

Nowadays, all that carefree travel feels strange...

But when I filmed this video, one year ago - it made me cry.

For many years I couldn't get on an aeroplane without taking Valium.

And I lived in London for 10 years without ever going on the tube.

Because as soon as I was in that enclosed space, I would have a panic attack.

At its worst, I had panic attacks four times a day.

But I never told anyone, except my family and boyfriend.

I didn't ask for help.

I struggled on by myself, and eventually worked out how to deal with them - alone.

I now don't have panic attacks any more.

And I am grateful for that every day.

But I believe having them - and learning how to overcome them - has made me a better person, and a better coach 馃専

As always during Mental Health Awareness Week, my main message is PLEASE ASK FOR HELP.

As the theme this year is about kindness - be kind to YOURSELF.

You don't need to do it on your own.

(And it CAN get better 馃挅)

p.s. sorry for the camera shake in the video - it all got a bit emotional...

馃敟 How good are you at asking for help?

2. 鉁达笍 FIND YOUR 鈥淔LOW鈥 鉁达笍

鈥淧atience is the unacknowledged superpower鈥 *

And patience is SO needed now, when lockdown is lingering on...

馃専 So what can help us - and at the same time improve our productivity?

馃専 The state of FLOW.

This was originally defined in 1990 by positive psychologist Mih谩ly Cs铆kszentmih谩lyi (pronounced Me-HI-ee Chik-sent-me-HI-ee, if you were wondering...)

It means that amazing feeling you get when you are fully absorbed in a satisfying task.

AKA when you are 鈥渋n the zone鈥 馃槑

And guess what?

It not only makes you feel happy and productive - it also makes time pass more quickly... 馃憤

So how to get into flow?

In a work context, you need to find a 鈥渕eaningful鈥 task that is challenging, but enjoyable.