Positive thoughts from Lockdown #8

It's been a big week in KGC HQ - my daughter's 7th birthday 🎈

We had a rainbow theme, in keeping with the current context...

She even got her first ever home-made birthday cake.

(Plus I got some peonies delivered on the day, as a little joint treat - they're one of my favourite flowers.)

As has been the case throughout this strange situation we're in, making sure she is happy and feels loved has been my top priority.

So only two posts this week - but they're good ones... 😉

I hope you've had a good week, and find these positive thoughts useful! 💖


Lockdown has taught many of us about Flexible Work.

(And as we’re facing the beginning of the end of lockdown, these are valuable lessons to shape our schedules going forward.)

But what about “Deep Work”?

The difference between success and failure in this knowledge economy?

The extent to which you use your brain.

To use it to its fullest potential - what Cal Newport calls “Deep Work” - it needs sufficient, quality, uninterrupted time.

We know about the downside of interruption:

⏱ studies show it takes c25 mins to get your concentration back after each one.

But what is less well known is that to do really effective thinking, you also need a solid block of time.

Half an hour isn’t enough. More like 90 minutes minimum ⏳

And this can’t be just any time - when you’re tired, hungry, or distracted

To do real “Deep Work”, it needs to be at a time when your brain is functioning optimally.

For me, this is first thing in the morning - I think most quickly and clearly then 🤓

If you shape your schedule to give yourself this Deep Work time, you will notice an amazing increase in your productivity, and the quality of your work.

Try it next week... 😃💪

🔥 When would be your best Deep Work time?

2. ✴️ “I AM A FAILURE” ✴️

Sometimes the amount of stuff I’m NOT doing overwhelms me.

❌ the coronavirus support Facebook group I didn’t start

❌ the LinkedIn connections I didn’t make

❌ the decluttering/ filing/ daily yoga...

I feel frustrated.


And worst, disappointed in myself.

“I am a failure.”

These are the perfectionist, driven thoughts that led to 15 years of chronic fatigue, and eventually burnout.

But, when these thoughts come now, I remind myself:

✅ I am doing my best in very limited time

✅ it’s all about action not inaction, and progress not perfection: I AM taking action, and I AM making progress

✅ and most important, the things that really matter are good:

🌟 my daughter is happy, having fun, and learning something (most days)

🌟 we are all healthy, eating well, and enjoying the garden

🌟 and I’m getting great results for my clients (a client yesterday said what a “big realisation” I’d helped him have about his dream career - in just one Power Hour).

These negative thoughts are just thoughts.

They’re not real.

I can CHOOSE whether to listen to them...

...or simply ignore them.

And focus on the good stuff instead 💖

Guess which I choose? 😉

🔥 How good are you at dealing with negative thoughts?

If you'd like help with either developing your Deep Work practice, or dealing with negative thoughts that hold you back in your career, get in touch!

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Wishing you and your families a positive and constructive week! 💖

Kirsten xx

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