Positive thoughts from Lockdown #4

This week's blog is another collection of my positive posts from LinkedIn over the last week.

I hope you find them supportive, inspiring and thought-provoking! 馃挅


[this post was written on Easter Monday]

I woke up feeling anxious yesterday.

Easter (a great short-term focus) was over.

Instead, the possibility of more months ahead in lockdown, and no school until Sept, was looming.

How on earth do I balance everything so I find time to work on my business? 馃槵

My main tool to deal with this situation so far: to take things day by day.

As Eckhart Tolle says,

馃専 "Realise deeply that the present moment is all you have."

But you CAN take steps now to create a better "present" for the future.

It's about little adjustments:

鉁 I will get back to getting up at 6am to do my "Deep Work" before the house wakes (this is hugely productive for me)

鉁 during my mum's daily FaceTime hour with my daughter, I will work (rather than do the washing/ make lunch)

鉁 I will get back to using my Bullet Journal Daily Log, which helps me focus and use my time efficiently

鉁 and I will use the motivation of external accountability by swapping monthly goals with a business friend.

With these little actions, I calm that voice panicking about the future.

And I can focus on staying positive in the present 馃挅

馃敟 What little adjustment could you make today that will help you create a better "present" for tomorrow?


The most important part of each day is when I ask my family,

"how was today for you?"

We are now in our 5th week of lockdown, with many more to come.

Safeguarding our mental health is my top priority.

Mental health is a continuum:


I was definitely "struggling" during my years of chronic fatigue and panic attacks.

And we can all move around the scale (sometimes hourly!) depending on what's going on.

馃専 BUT if I head down the scale, I now have the tools to move me back into "thriving" - and help me stay there.

This situation is creating an unprecedented challenge to all of our mental health.

鉁 So think about where you are:


鉁 And then take the action that helps you get to "thriving", or stay there, such as:

馃専 asking for help

馃専 doing something absorbing and fun

馃専 or doing some simple deep breathing to re-set your system to calm.

I have a lot of free resources on my website that can help, from guided visualisations to advice on powerful breathing exercises:

馃敟 How are you feeling today: "thriving/ coping/ struggling"?

馃敟 What helps you "thrive"?


[this post was written the day after it was announced the UK would spend another 3 weeks in lockdown]

With another 3 weeks to go, let鈥檚 celebrate our successes so far!

馃弳 What have you achieved for the first time?

馃弳 What old job have you finally got ticked off?

馃弳 What new technology have you mastered?

Here鈥檚 mine:

鉁傦笍 Cut mine and my daughter鈥檚 fringe (and they鈥檙e even mostly straight!)

馃崡 Used up every bit of a roast dinner鈥檚 leftovers: from chicken curry to chicken stock for parsnip soup (with the excess parsnips) to bubble and squeak with the leftover roast potatoes and cabbage

馃捇 Discovered a love for group coaching with my new free weekly group call for clients (and conquered group Zoom calls after a few false starts about passwords...)

馃崬 Made my own bread, naans and pizza dough

馃摉 Realised I AM capable of homeschooling my daughter without either of us killing each other...

馃弮鈥嶁檧锔 Exercised every weekday for a month (thanks Joe!)

馃敟What's your #lockdownwin?

Do let me know the answers to the questions, especially your #lockdownwin!

Wishing you and your family health and positivity 馃挅

Kirsten xx

p.s. don't forget, if you need help, I'm here (my Power Hours are reduced to 拢97 during the current crisis).

Get in touch to arrange a free intro call (, or book into my calendar here.