Positive thoughts from Lockdown #2

Week 2 of Lockdown for the UK, and Week 2 of my Positive Thoughts.

I hope you find these inspiring and motivating, to help you keep going at this challenging time.

I'd love to hear from you!


“They say” that you SHOULD get dressed properly when you’re working from home.

It makes you feel more business-like, apparently...

I’ve noticed my sartorial choices have shifted slightly after 2 weeks in lockdown.

I still wear tops that look professional over Zoom (I coached online before this).

However, they’re more likely to be paired with leggings than trousers - to fit in some Cosmic Kids yoga, trampolining, or gardening during the home schooling day...

BUT I did decide (a week in) that I would put mascara and perfume on every day - even if only my husband and daughter would see me.

And I now have to add a new accessory - a “Rosie The Riveter” style headscarf, to cover my increasingly scary roots.

(Believe it or not, this rather unnatural blonde is not my own...)

And the reason I do this? 🤔

Because they make me feel better.

More normal.

More “together”.

🌟So don’t listen to the “shoulds” of other people about what to wear while WFH.

🌟You wear whatever makes you feel good.

🌟It’s a small thing, but it IS something you can choose to do, to support your positivity and resilience 💖


“Once this is all over, there’s going to be a surge in divorces.”

That’s one of the sayings going around at the moment.

And it’s true that this is a testing time for relationships:

❗️health scares

❗️money worries

❗️being thrown together ALL THE TIME with no escape...

(And although being alone has its own hardships, being unhappy in a relationship can be worse.)

But it’s also an opportunity for

🌟 teamwork

🌟 supporting each other

🌟 and investing time and emotional energy in each other’s wellbeing.

We need each other now more than ever - to cheer us up, share the burdens, and be a shoulder to lean on.

And not just in partner relationships - it’s also true within families, with friends, and with communities.

💖 So nurture and appreciate your supportive relationships

💖 they are what will get each of us through this.

It’s our anniversary today [31st March 2020].

And there’s no one I’d rather be in lockdown with... 😍

p.s. Disclaimer: photo taken before this situation wreaked havoc with my hair...


NB this was a video post, that this text accompanied - to see the full video, please click here.

In the Greek myth, when Pandora opens the forbidden box, evil, pain, and illness escape and enter the world.

But the box also contains something else. HOPE.

Among the increasingly bad news, I am choosing to stay hopeful:

🌟 that our NHS will be able to withstand the next few weeks

🌟 that our communities will find ways to support each other, especially those that are struggling financially or emotionally

🌟 that when this is all over, we will all be able to look back and say we are proud of how we handled this challenging time.

This is a moment of history that we get to live through.

And I hope we can say we did it well.

So my mantra for hope will be Archbishop Desmond Tutu's:

"Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness."

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In a non-coronavirus world, I would have been changing my LinkedIn headline to:

“TEDx Speaker”.

A big ✅ on that bucket list.

Of course, the TEDx event planned for yesterday [2nd April] was cancelled...

But that’s ok.

I know its time will come.

This situation will not be forever.

And how much more joy will I get from speaking to a room of 100 real live people then 😃

So instead, today I’m looking forward to:

✅ a fancy dress workout with Joe (my daughter and I haven’t missed one)

✅ a sunny day on Sunday, potting on my veg seedlings and enjoying the garden

✅ continuing to eat our way through the freezer (I am finding this enforced food efficiency SO satisfying...)

Sending love to anyone struggling, sick, or with a loved one who is 💖

Kirsten xx

p.s. if I can help you through this difficult time, please get in touch: my Power Hours are reduced to £97 for the duration of the coronavirus crisis.