Positive thoughts from Lockdown #11

I've struggled with what to say all week, since the tragic death of George Floyd.

Or whether to say anything at all.

Who am I, from my position of white privilege, to comment?

And by commenting, don't I risk making it all about me...?


I feel that by NOT saying anything - even if that's from a wish not to offend - I become part of the problem.


I don't know what to say right now, other than this shouldn't have happened.

It isn't right.

This is not the world I want to live in, or the world I want my daughter - or any child - to grow up in.

I hope change will come as a result of this tragedy.

And I am resolved to do what I can to educate myself more, so that I can can then take the best action to contribute to achieving that change.

But I have posted on other subjects this week too - I hope you find the following helpful...


Is there something you WANT to do, but just aren't? 🤔

During lockdown, I have successfully started a loving kindness meditation practice.

But I HAVEN'T managed those daily yoga sessions, despite really wanting to...

What's the difference?

🌟 I chose a moment in my day to do the meditation, linked to something that happens anyway:

After a morning's homeschooling, then making and clearing up lunch, it's "Mummy's break time".

Half an hour of putting my feet up - outside on a sun bed, or on my bed - before my afternoon clients.

And that's when I do my meditation.

By contrast, I COULD do my yoga before my daughter wakes up - but that's when I do my Deep Work...

Or I could do it after my clients - but then it's playtime before thinking about dinner...

Or after bedtime - but by then I just want to sit down!

So it never happens...

So if there is a goal you want to achieve, don't just think about the goal itself.

Think about the SYSTEM to put in place to achieve the goal.

✅ Choose a daily moment when you will spend time on it.

✅ And link it to something that happens anyway (eg lunch = meditation).

Good luck!


"How do you feel now about next week?" I asked.

"AWESOME! You are a magician."

Feedback from my client after our session last Friday.

When she started with me, she was feeling bored in her current role, but confused about where to go next.

I've helped her:

✅ understand what she has to offer

✅ "make sense of her career" (her words)

✅ and get her dream job - her first Managing Director role.