Positive thoughts from Lockdown #1

Life in Lockdown is busy.

Being teacher, mum, playmate.

Being coach, cook, cleaner.

All alongside my wonderful husband - but it's still a lot to do.

One of the things I am encouraging my clients to do at the moment is to LOWER THEIR EXPECTATIONS, and BE KIND to themselves.

So I am helping myself with this by striking some normal actions off the list.

And one of these is my normal weekly blog...

For the near future, these blogs will become a collection of my LinkedIn posts from the week.

They will be my positive thoughts, intended to help during this time of challenge - so I hope you'll find them useful 💖

As ever, I'd love to hear your thoughts :)

So here goes!


Here's some home schooling tips from our experiences starting a week before the schools closed:

  • have a rough timetable to help you identify work opportunities, and give shape to the day - they will learn more at home than in a large class, so don't worry about the number of hours - it's more important they are enjoying it (and you are too), so that it's sustainable...

  • include lots of physical activity!

  • think about activities that will give you time to work (eg educational games like BBC Bitesize, audiobooks, or educational TV like Horrible Histories - I think they all count...)

  • rope in as many "teachers" as possible, again so you can work (my mum does a daily FaceTime English lesson, reading "Mr Penguin" followed by comprehension questions)

  • all sorts of activities can be learning, eg cooking (maths), gardening (science), cleaning (PSHE) - so you can keep on top of "life" too...

  • LOWER YOUR EXPECTATIONS, of yourself, and of them. This is only the start of a long journey - you don't have to get it right first time. Be flexible...

Keep breathing, stay calm, and aim to see this as an opportunity...!

2. ✴️ WHY I WOBBLED... ✴️

I had a wobble last Saturday.

We'd been self-isolating for over a week, and so far it had been fine.

But I had one of those moments when a family member doesn't react in the exact way you'd like to something - and I chose to take umbrage.

The end result?


Once I'd calmed down, I thought about what had just happened.

Was the upset worth it?

Did I learn anything good from the situation (as you sometimes do from arguments)?


It was basically pointless.

So how could it have been avoided?

My lesson:

🌟 avoid placing unreasonable expectations on people

People are not perfect.

They are going to make mistakes, and unwittingly irritate - especially in a stressful context where we are closely confined, like lockdown.

But you can avoid putting unreasonable expectations on them.

🌟 And if they do “something wrong”, you can choose to assume POSITIVE INTENT.

This is a really powerful approach where you assume they basically mean well, and if they did upset you, they probably didn't mean to.

That seems to be a good foundation for family relationships at this time...