Positive thoughts from Lockdown #1

Life in Lockdown is busy.

Being teacher, mum, playmate.

Being coach, cook, cleaner.

All alongside my wonderful husband - but it's still a lot to do.

One of the things I am encouraging my clients to do at the moment is to LOWER THEIR EXPECTATIONS, and BE KIND to themselves.

So I am helping myself with this by striking some normal actions off the list.

And one of these is my normal weekly blog...

For the near future, these blogs will become a collection of my LinkedIn posts from the week.

They will be my positive thoughts, intended to help during this time of challenge - so I hope you'll find them useful 💖

As ever, I'd love to hear your thoughts :)

So here goes!


Here's some home schooling tips from our experiences starting a week before the schools closed:

  • have a rough timetable to help you identify work opportunities, and give shape to the day - they will learn more at home than in a large class, so don't worry about the number of hours - it's more important they are enjoying it (and you are too), so that it's sustainable...

  • include lots of physical activity!

  • think about activities that will give you time to work (eg educational games like BBC Bitesize, audiobooks, or educational TV like Horrible Histories - I think they all count...)

  • rope in as many "teachers" as possible, again so you can work (my mum does a daily FaceTime English lesson, reading "Mr Penguin" followed by comprehension questions)

  • all sorts of activities can be learning, eg cooking (maths), gardening (science), cleaning (PSHE) - so you can keep on top of "life" too...

  • LOWER YOUR EXPECTATIONS, of yourself, and of them. This is only the start of a long journey - you don't have to get it right first time. Be flexible...

Keep breathing, stay calm, and aim to see this as an opportunity...!

2. ✴️ WHY I WOBBLED... ✴️

I had a wobble last Saturday.

We'd been self-isolating for over a week, and so far it had been fine.

But I had one of those moments when a family member doesn't react in the exact way you'd like to something - and I chose to take umbrage.

The end result?


Once I'd calmed down, I thought about what had just happened.

Was the upset worth it?

Did I learn anything good from the situation (as you sometimes do from arguments)?


It was basically pointless.

So how could it have been avoided?

My lesson:

🌟 avoid placing unreasonable expectations on people

People are not perfect.

They are going to make mistakes, and unwittingly irritate - especially in a stressful context where we are closely confined, like lockdown.

But you can avoid putting unreasonable expectations on them.

🌟 And if they do “something wrong”, you can choose to assume POSITIVE INTENT.

This is a really powerful approach where you assume they basically mean well, and if they did upset you, they probably didn't mean to.

That seems to be a good foundation for family relationships at this time...


How many of us started Day 1 of Home School with a timetable - maybe even colour-coordinated...? 🤔

And how many of these timetables are still being followed...?

There is a famous military quote: "no plan survives first contact with the enemy"

[the enemy in this situation being this coronavirus-created situation, not our children...]

We certainly started with all sorts of timetabled intentions.

But a week and a half in, the shape of the day isn't quite as planned...

And that's OK!

She still does some Maths and English every day (well, most days...)

But she's also built a den in the woods, learned how to dust, AND listened to a lot of David Walliams so I can get some work done...

🌟 So don't allow the timetable to become a stick you beat yourself up with.

🌟 Stay flexible, and allow the plan to change.

We're going to be in this situation for a while yet.

We've got lots of time to work out how best to balance home schooling, work and life 💪

4. ✴️ LET IT GO... ✴️

"It's so important to let go of the things you can't change..."

This was something a client said during our new weekly group coaching call last night.

(This is a new free service I've set up to support current & former clients during this period, many of whom are key workers.)

It reminded me of the Serenity Prayer:

🌟God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

🌟courage to change the things I can,

🌟and wisdom to know the difference.

So many of us are struggling in a world we can't control at the moment.

But that's the key:

🌟understanding the things you CAN control,

🌟and the things you CAN'T control

🌟TAKING ACTION, where action will make a difference

🌟and LETTING GO, where you can't do anything.

This might seem trite when you are facing the collapse of your business, or your mental health is deteriorating because of lockdown.

But you will able to deal with these things better if you distinguish between the things you CAN change, and the things you CAN'T change.

We can't make the virus go away, and rewind three months.

But we can choose how we react to it.

Don't forget, there are lots of free resources on my website to help you get through this, and my Power Hours are now only £97, also to help you at this difficult time.

Plus you can read more about what I'm doing to support my family, community and you during the coronavirus crisis in last week's blog post.

And if there are any other resources that might help you at this time, please get in touch.

Wishing you all positivity and hope, and a restful and restorative weekend 💖

Kirsten xx