How to Effectively Rest & Recharge Over Easter (Despite Imposter Syndrome)

We may not be able to go anywhere, but it's still holidays! 🐣🎉

The next four days offer a brilliant opportunity for you to Fill Your Tank.

To take some proper time to focus on resting and recharging, after the trials of the last few months (year).

But this can be easier said than done, especially if you have an Imposter inner critic driving you... 😞

So here's 7 ways to make the most of your break, and recharge properly 😁

(It might be too late for the first ones, but remember them for next time!)

1. Lower your expectations before you leave work 🐣

A common problem is to exhaust yourself before you even start your break, trying to Get Everything Done.

Just because something's been on the "to do" list for a week/ a month/ a year, doesn't mean you have to get it done NOW!

Be kind to yourself - do only what's absolutely necessary.

The job (and the work) aren't disappearing - you WILL have time when you get back.

2. Set an out of office 🐣

Simple, but easy to forget.

It will really help you switch off, because you know other people aren't expecting to hear from you.

Also manage expectations for when you get back: you could state that you'll get back to them by the day AFTER you actually return to work, to give yourself some time to respond...

And it goes without saying: once you switch it on, STAY AWAY from the email!

Give yourself a proper break from it 😊

3. Keep your diary free when you return 🐣

DON'T book the first two days after the break full of meetings!

Keep them clear so you can catch-up on the email, and have a more gentle re-entry.

You don't want to undo all your good work resting over Easter by plunging yourself straight into back-to-back meetings while also trying to clear your inbox.

4. Be intentional about your break 🐣

Now moving on to the actual holiday itself, it's really worth thinking about what you actually want from it:

  • how do you most want to spend your time?

  • how do you want to feel at the end of it?

  • what is going to help you feel most relaxed and recharged?

If you think about this at the start, you've got more of a chance of achieving it!

5. Share the work 🐣

Don't be Superwoman! You don't have to do it ALL.

Share the work: food shopping; fun planning; cooking; entertainment.

Work out which bits you most want to do, and which bits you can best delegate, and DO IT:

this is your holiday too 💪

6. Let go of perfectionism 🐣

This doesn't have to be the Easter with the most amazing roast lamb feast; or the world-class Easter egg hunt; or everyone receiving their own bodyweight in gourmet chocolate.

Perfectionism is a stick that you beat yourself up with.


Good enough is good enough, for food, decorations or family time 💖

7. Make time for you 🐣

And last, but very much not least: now you've created the best possible conditions, what are YOU going to do to help yourself recharge?

What is the best way you relax?

A long bath, a long solo walk, reading in the garden, a snooze, yoga, watching a film...?

Whatever it is choose ONE to do every day - something just for you.

And make sure you give your attention to it fully, whatever it is.

Really feel how you're Filling Your Tank - which you so deserve 😊💖

Conclusion 🐣

As with most things in life, if you go into them with thought and preparation, you will get a better result.

And that's also true for making the most of the next four days to recharge yourself! 😁

Then, after you're feeling rested and ready to tackle your Imposter and discover your Naked Confidence...

...get in touch to find out more about how I can help you 😊

You can email me on or book into my calendar for a free initial call here:

Wishing you a very happy, restful and Nakedly Confident Easter break! 😁💪🐣

With much love 💖

Kirsten xx

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