How to find harmony (in families, or teams)

This is a time of change.

After an aeon of homeschooling, those with kids are now facing weeks of MORE childcare over the summer holidays - without even that structure to help.

Others will be beginning to return to the office.

After months of being safe at home in our little bubbles, we are going to be back in shared spaces with our colleagues, with all the interesting complexities that brings...

So this week, for the return of my #SummerStories series, I talk about the tale of the Farmer and His Cart - and what this can teach us about harmony, in families OR teams.

#SummerStories is where I use folk and traditional tales from around the world to learn lessons about how to thrive.

Last year's stories included:

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🌟 And finally, a warning about the non-growth mindset from the myth of Jupiter and the Animals

So this week, enjoy this new tale, and what it can teach us about harmony with those closest around us!

One day, the farmer was taking his grain to market.

As usual, he was driving the sacks in his trusty old wooden cart, pulled by his faithful horse.

It was a beautiful day, the harvest had been good, and the farmer was peaceful as he jogged along, enjoying the ride.

Not so the cart…

One of the wheels was discontented.

“None of you understand”, it said to the other parts of the cart.

“I am the most important part of all of you, because without me, the cart would not be able to go. You should all be extra nice to me because of this.”

The other bits of the cart were silent for a second in surprise.

Then the planks that made up the wooden bed of the cart spoke up.

“It is true that without you the cart would not be able to go. But without us, the farmer would not be able to carry anything, so the cart would be useless.”

“Yes!” said the shaft.

“You think you’re so important, but what about me? Without me, the horse would have nothing to pull, so you would all just be sitting there.”

“And don’t forget us!” said all the different parts of the harness in a higher voice.

“We may not be made of wood, and we may be thin and flexible, but we are very important too! Without us, the horse wouldn’t be attached to the cart at all!”

But the wheel wasn’t listening.

“You all say that, but I still disagree. I am the cleverest bit of design, and the most important part of this whole vehicle. So just you remember that!”

A bolt, who had been listening to this conversation, smiled to itself.

It decided th