How 2020 Has Made Me Stronger

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

*In the hairdresser, with mask, flanked by hand sanitiser and spray - the "new normal" for 2020...

This year has been so hard for so many.

But one of my favourite coaching precepts is:

“there is no failure, only feedback”.

So in that spirit, I’m going to look back on what I’ve learned from this last year - and how you can do the same.

What have I learned about myself?

The biggest thing I have learned this year is to trust myself and my judgement 💪

I’ve definitely had an element of Expert Imposter in the past, and that has perhaps been the longest-lasting aspect.

(I sorted out the Perfectionist Imposter and Superwoman Imposter that led to my chronic fatigue and stress-related panic attacks years ago).

But the crisis of coronavirus threw me into a situation where there WAS no Expert.

No-one knew what was happening, or going to happen 🤷‍♀️

So all there was, was me - and my instincts about the best thing to do.

It has been truly liberating.

And it has led me to take decisions about my life and business that will have far-reaching, positive consequences for my future 🔥

So for that, I am very grateful 😊🙏

What have I learned about my priorities?

Lockdown created a situation where I (and most people I think) discovered the essentials of life.

For me, life crystallised into two aspects:

💖 making sure my family thrived in these difficult circumstances;

💖 and supporting my clients and community to the best of my ability.

It was the real world of my nuclear family (myself, my husband and my daughter): helping us all stay active, positive, vaguely educated, well-fed - and most of all, feeling loved.

Working together as a team to support each other was truly special, and has brought us even closer together as a family 😍

Plus the second aspect, the virtual world of my clients:

🔥 supporting the wonderful people who have chosen to work with me so that they could keep doing what they do (often as key workers), including setting up a free weekly group coaching call through the whole of lockdown…

🔥 alongside helping my wider online community of blog readers and LinkedIn followers to stay as positive and productive as possible with my blogs and posts.

It was a privilege to be able to serve my clients and community in these difficult times - and it felt hugely important to me to do that 💖

And it clarified for me that the aspect of my work that is most meaningful and important to me is the INTERNAL work I do with my clients, transforming their mindset.

Without that supportive mindset, you can never achieve your career goals.

So the Naked Confidence Coach was born… 😁🔥💪

What was the hardest thing I had to face? And what did I learn from that?

I have been very lucky.

My business was already online, so pretty much unaffected by coronavirus.

And I already worked from home, with my retired husband around all the time, so life was actually not that different for us.

But I know I’m not alone in finding the juggle of WFH and homeschooling a challenge… 😱

My husband and I took shifts - I did the morning (English, plus whatever else took our fancy eg Science, Geography, or History), then I did my client work after lunch when he took over to do Maths.

But what this meant was my days were incredibly full (some days I’d get to lunchtime and wonder if I’d actually be able to get through it without having to go for a lie down).

And that was without trying to fit in all the other aspects of running a business…

Life felt exhausting 😔

So what I learned: to look after myself!

My self-care went up several notches: a daily retreat to my bed or a sun bed after lunch to meditate and have some quiet time; early nights as much as possible.

Plus I focussed on employing what I call RUTHLESS PRIORITISATION about what I thought I could achieve.

This meant I kept myself going, strong and healthy in body and mind, and able to serve and support the people that needed me 💪

I am so proud of this, as it shows just how far I’ve come since the days of chronic fatigue and panic attacks… 💖

What is my proudest achievement?

This last year has taught me what really matters.

I have taken a fresh look at how I want to show up as a mum, wife, business owner and coach.

And that has been empowering, and inspiring.

But it hasn't all been good news: I haven't supported my friends, or extended family, as much as I would like 😞

(I have done my best, given the challenging context, but I could have done better.)

However, I am still incredibly excited about what the lessons I have learned mean for the future.

So what is my proudest achievement? 🤔

I feel that I have truly discovered the coach I want to be.

Not just in terms of shifting my focus more towards my clients’ internal journeys…

But also in terms of the role I want to play in their lives while I’m their coach.

🔥 I am so inspired to be that internal cheerleader, until my clients have learned how to develop their own.

🔥 I am absolutely loving the experience of being a partner in their journey, supporting them every step on their way towards banishing their Imposter and discovering their Naked Confidence.

It has without doubt been a challenging year.

And I know that, thanks just to a chance set of circumstances (like already having an online business), I am one of the incredibly lucky ones.

But I am also so grateful for what I’ve learned, what I’ve achieved, and the clarity and determination this year has given me for the future 💖

So now it’s your turn!

I encourage you to consider these questions.

Really take the time to think about them; journal about them if that appeals to you.

The analogy that comes to mind is “being forged in fire” 🔥

The last year might have been that fire - and that has been, for many of us, a really difficult experience.

But what is it that you have created as a result?

Next week: setting intentions for 2021! 🎉

Wishing you a positive, productive and Nakedly Confident week! 😊🔥💪

Kirsten xx

p.s. if you'd like to go on a journey towards Naked Confidence with me in 2021, get in touch: email me on to arrange your free intro call, or book into my calendar here 💖