Everything You Need to Know About My Imposter Syndrome Career Coaching - Part 2

Updated: Oct 14

Are you looking to understand more about my Coaching Programme, "Banish Your Imposter and Discover Your Naked Confidence"?

Then you've come to the right place! 😁

In this blog post I answer all the questions you might want to ask about:

  • the client: who is this Programme for, and more importantly NOT for; what makes someone coachable; and do I work with men and women (yes), etc?

  • the process: how much time do you need to invest; how are sessions set up, etc?

  • the coach (me!): what qualifications do I have; why did I become a coach, etc?

  • the investment: eg can you pay in instalments; is there a refund policy; will I help you ask your organisation to fund your coaching, etc? (The answer to all of these is yes btw!)

  • and the results: how quickly will you see results; can I help you with a specific issue, etc?

You might want to read the whole thing, or just to dip into the sections that you have questions about.

This is best read in accompaniment with Part 1 last week which was all about what exactly is included in the Programme (click here to read it).

I hope you find it useful - and if I have missed any of your questions, get in touch and let me know! or do please come to find me on LinkedIn 😊


✴️ Who is this Programme right for?

This Programme is right for anyone who is struggling with Imposter Syndrome, and they want to find ways to overcome it, so that it doesn’t continue to hold them back and prevent them from fulfilling their potential with ease.

My clients are usually successful and ambitious professionals. Some have just achieved a major career goal, taking on a position with a lot more leadership and management responsibility than before (for example, I work with clients who are in their first job as Managing Director of an organisation, or as Head of Department).

Some are progressing well, and have their sights set on higher things (for example, I work with clients who are at senior levels in large organisations, and know they want to keep moving up the career ladder, or clients who already run their own successful professional practice, and want to keep growing it).

Some are coming back into the workplace post-redundancy, or a career break, and want support to make that transition as effective as possible so they can quickly thrive back in that professional environment.

But what they all have in common is a struggle with their inner critic, which leads them to unhelpful habits, or self-defeating behaviours.

And this is something I work with them to change.

✴️ What is Imposter Syndrome?

There are a number of definitions of Imposter Syndrome, but the one I like best is: “a persistent feeling of being unworthy of one's status or success" [Collins Dictionary]

This feeling of unworthiness can be conscious - the aspect of Imposter Syndrome we’re most familiar with, where someone is aware of feeling like a fraud and fears being “found out”.

This is the voice in your head in meetings stopping you from speaking up; or going in circles afterwards beating you up for saying (or not saying) what you did; or pushing you to take ever more courses because you need objective evidence of your expertise.

But that feeling can also be unconscious, and drive behaviours like overachieving, overworking, or not asking for help, wanting to prove to yourself (and everyone else) that you can do it.

You may not be conscious of feeling like a fraud, but that deep-rooted sense of unworthiness drives dangerous patterns of behaviour.

It can also manifest itself in unproductive behaviours, such as struggles with overflowing inboxes, or “dropping things” - that negative voice is closely connected with negative habits, which undermine our abilities to perform to our best.

It’s hard to set firm boundaries with ourselves, and crucially, with others, when we don’t value ourselves and our time sufficiently.

I specialise in helping my clients banish their Imposter, in whatever form it takes, and instead discover their Naked Confidence. (To find out more about what Naked Confidence is, please have a look at my website!)

And if you'd like to know which Imposter you are (there are five main types), please click here to take my Quiz.

✴️ Who is this Programme NOT right for?

Coaching can help anyone improve their life and career - that’s the magic of coaching.

However, this programme is specifically targeted at people with Imposter Syndrome, struggling with their inner critic and its impact on your career.

If you have a strong internal cheerleader already, this Programme is not for you.

Plus, there are also characteristics, behaviours or beliefs that will mean the coaching will not be as successful as it could be. (I talk about this in more detail in my blog article, “What You Need to be Coachable”.)

This programme is not for you if:

  • you don’t WANT to change

  • you’re not open to guidance

  • you don’t believe you CAN change

  • you aren’t willing to be open and honest with me

  • and most importantly, you aren’t committed to taking action.