Everything You Need to Know About My Imposter Syndrome Career Coaching - Part 1

Updated: Oct 14

There can be a lot of unknowns about a coaching programme - and it's a big investment to make if you feel uncertain!

So this blog post is designed to help you understand everything you need to know about my signature Imposter Syndrome career coaching programme:

"Banish Your Imposter and Discover Your Naked Confidence".

Because there are so many possible questions, this is a two part post.

Today I will look at "What's Included in my signature Coaching Programme".

And next week I will cover:

  • the client: who is my coaching for, and more importantly NOT for, what makes someone coachable, and do I work with men and women (yes), etc?

  • the process: how is it set up, how do we agree when the sessions take place, etc?

  • the coach (me!): what qualifications do I have; why did I become a coach, etc?

  • the investment: eg can I pay in instalments; is there a refund policy; will you help me ask my organisation to fund my coaching, etc? (The answer to all of these is yes by the way!)

  • and the results: how quickly will I see results; how long do they last; can you help me with a specific issue, etc?

My "Banish Your Imposter and Discover Your Naked Confidence" Programme has been designed using my years of experience and expertise to deliver you a permanent transformation in your mindset, overturning your limiting beliefs, and turning your inner critic into an inner cheerleader.

So read on to discover everything that's included in the Programme!

I hope you find it useful - and if you have any further questions when you get to the end, do please email me on - I'd be happy to help.

1. 75 minute sessions

Over the years, I’ve discovered 75 minutes is the optimum coaching length session.

It gives us enough time to look back at your progress, and reflect on the session/ agree follow-up actions at the end, as well as dive deep into powerful coaching conversation or tools during the session.

I also find 6 months the right amount of time for this Programme: it gives us enough time to really embed the changes that you gain from the coaching.

2. Sessions held fortnightly (around holidays!)

When we’re working to deliver transformational change, as in this programme, fortnightly is the right length of gap to allow you to really practice what you’ve learned in the session, but without losing momentum in between.

(Different coaching programmes with different goals are held at a different frequency - eg my Interview Intensive is weekly, and my ongoing Nurture Coaching sessions are held monthly.)

Sometimes there may be a slightly longer gap due to calendars, or half-term etc, but we stick to that fortnightly schedule as much as we can.

Sessions are held during school hours (usually between 11am and 3.30pm - I aim keep the mornings free for my Deep Work time - but there is flexibility, especially to take account of time zones!).

3. Coaching delivered online (Zoom)

Since I started my business I’ve always used Zoom.

I live in a little village in Suffolk (rural east England), and online coaching enables me to help people all over the world: I’ve had clients in New York, Texas, Jakarta, Vienna, Berlin and Geneva, as well as in my local town.

It makes it really easy for you to access my coaching conveniently during your day, without needing to travel.

And I find the online space offers the opportunity for a real authentic honesty to develop.

(The only difference post-coronavirus is that other people have now heard of Zoom too!)

4. Powerful unconscious tools and processes

The main body of my coaching sessions primarily take two forms.

The first is a powerful conversation, where I question, reflect, and challenge you around your thinking, your assumptions, your limiting beliefs, and your language.

This is the core of coaching.

My job is to help you find the answers that are already deep inside you: you are not broken and I am fixing you. You’ve just lost the way to access your own answers - and that’s what I help you do.

But I also use another important coaching form: transformational coaching processes where we tap into your unconscious.

This helps by bypassing you conscious (not always helpful) brain, to get to the truth and power within.

This is the most effective way to truly uproot deeply held limiting beliefs.

(As one client said after one of my most powerful processes, “this changes everything!”.)

I will often ask you to practice these processes at home: when we’re trying to reshape your brain (using the power of neuroplasticity), consistent repetition of new patterns of thought is crucial.

5. Worksheets for homework

Over the years I’ve developed worksheets to support the coaching from the sessions.