25 reasons you really do need a career coach

Are you feeling stuck?

This is the number one reason that anyone seeks coaching: they don’t like where they are, and they’ve realised they can’t change it on their own.

But is a career coach really worth it?

Here are 25 reasons why you do need a career coach now (even if you don’t realise it yet).

1) You want to get promotion/ more responsibility/ to earn more

Ambition is a good thing, but it can’t get you there on its own.

You can get very frustrated when you want to go onwards and upwards, but you can’t see how.

A good career coach will help you:

  • position yourself for that promotion you want

  • make best use of the opportunities you have now to lay the foundations for a successful future

  • ask for that raise (ideally without crying from the stress and embarrassment of the situation, like I once did…).

2) You need clarity in a world of confusion

Sometimes we are stuck because we just don’t know what to do.

A good career coach will help you clarify exactly what it is you want to achieve - what exactly your goals are.

That can be enough for some people - once they know where they’re going, they’re off! But for others, that is only the beginning - and a good career coach will help you define a plan on how you are going to achieve your goals.

Going round in circles (either in your head, or in your career) is never helpful. A good career coach will provide that clarity that helps propel you forward.

3) You are at a specific point in your career, and you could do with some expert help

  • You have just graduated and you’re looking for your first job…

  • You are mid-career, and desperately want a change…

  • You want to work more flexibly…

  • You want to plan towards your retirement.

These are all obvious points where it makes sense to get some support.

For most of us, it will be our first time in these situations.

It makes sense to use the experience and expertise of a good career coach who has helped many others through similar situations.

4) You’re anxious and stressed at work

I suffered from both anxiety and stress at work, as well as panic attacks. And I didn’t seek help until I’d already developed chronic fatigue and suffered burnout.

This can be avoided.

Help can come in many forms - from counselling, to support from friends or family, to medical interventions. Or from a good career coach with experience of helping people manage their stress and anxiety in a work context.

Do not let anxiety and stress continue without seeking help! (PLEASE!)

5) You want to nail that perfect job

You know exactly which job you want: it is literally your dream job, and it doesn’t come around very often.

Why leave the application process, and (hopefully) interview process to chance?

I don’t like to say “practice makes perfect” - no-one needs any more perfectionism in their lives… But I do say, “practice makes progress”.

You will have more of a chance of getting that perfect job if you get some career coaching advice on how to show the ideal version of you to the application sifter, and to the interviewer.

6) You want tailored, personalised advice

Dr Google can be helpful for all sorts of things - including career advice. As can books, podcasts, YouTube videos…

But fundamentally, these generalised sources will provide generalised advice in a generalised way.

Without being too icky, we are all unique - and a good career coach will work directly with YOU, tailoring their advice and approach to you and your specific needs.

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