Are you feeling confused, frustrated and overwhelmed?


Let me help.

Personalised, one-to-one coaching is the fastest, most effective way to help you:    

      get clarity on your career

      break through the glass ceiling

      fulfil your potential

      and find and maintain balance

      in your work and life.

My NEW Group Coaching Programme, #Finish2020Strong, is now SOLD OUT.

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How does it work?

Coaching is a "powerful conversation that helps you live a life, and have a career, you love". 

You know yourself best - my job is to help you find the answers that are inside you.

We start with a free 20 minute introductory call:  

  • I ask questions to understand what you want to achieve or change  

  • Then we talk about how I can help

  • Finally, we agree which coaching option would work best for you!

Our regular coaching sessions include a mixture of discussion, practical exercises, and where appropriate, my transformational coaching tools and techniques to deal with negative habits or self-talk, overcome blocks, and tackle limiting beliefs.


Homework is optional, but recommended!

Together we regularly review progress to make sure we are always moving towards your goal. 


Our coaching journey together continues until you feel that your goals have been achieved (any time after a minimum of six monthly sessions - it varies depending on your needs).

By the end of your coaching, you will have transformed your career, found solutions to stress, got clarity on your goals, revolutionised your mindset, and developed skills to make sure you progress in your career with ease and balance.


I offer two 1:1 coaching options: my Transformational Coaching, and my Minerva Elite Coaching.

I also offer a one-off Power Hour as a taster of my coaching skills and style, or to help you with specific issues such as pre-interview coaching, or to get support on a particular aspect of your career or your mindset.

Please download my price list to find out more.

Or to arrange your free introductory call, get in touch!

NEW Group Coaching Programme

#Finish2020Strong - SOLD OUT

Do you sometimes struggle with getting things done, even though you want to...?


Would you love expert support, accountability and productivity tips to help you achieve your goals... you can #Finish2020Strong?


If so, my NEW Group Coaching Programme is for you! :)

It includes:


  • Individual attention through monthly coaching in a small group

  • Getting clear on your goals through a 30 minute online 1:1 coaching pre-session with me

  • Personalised accountability each month to make sure you've done what you said you would!

  • Learn how to set effective goals, how to achieve them easily and productively, and how to overcome procrastination and limiting beliefs, through expert coaching

  • Support and accountability between sessions with a private WhatsApp group

And because this the first of these, it is offered at a discounted price of £69 per month (monthly for 6 months).

Or, if you pay for the full 6 months in advance, it's discounted to the equivalent of £65 per month.


This includes the 6 monthly group sessions, plus the individual 1:1 coaching pre-session, as well as support between sessions in our private WhatsApp group :)

For more information, click here, or do email me if you have any questions.


If you would like support to smash your goals in 2021, email me to go on the waiting list for my next Group Coaching Programme.


"I would definitely recommend group coaching with Kirsten, after participating in Kirsten's lockdown group coaching sessions. They felt like a real sense-check, an opportunity to stop, think and pause with a group of people on a shared understanding and a common set of aspirations about feeling well and doing well - for ourselves, our communities, and families. 


Kirsten set it up as a shared undertaking really well and was really good at making sure everyone had time to come in and be a part of it. She also did really well at supporting people when they were having a hard time, while also not making it a 'thing' - I think having that genuine, authentic space is essential for a group coaching session. There is a real precision to her kindness that cuts through everything and puts me at ease in a genuinely safe way. I'm very keen to continue our group coaching post-lockdown!" 

Ellie Pyemont

Head of Membership and Operations at ARCO

"I now feel fulfilled by my career"

"When I started working with Kirsten, I was bored with the direction my career was going in, and knew that it wasn’t making me happy in the long term.  I felt confused, anxious and quite negative about my future.


Kirsten coached me through a series of practical and emotional tasks and exercises during and in between sessions, to help me work through what I really want and need, and define the next steps to achieve that. 


Thanks to this coaching, I applied for and secured a new role which perfectly aligns with my values, sufficiently pays the bills and has set me up for feeling fulfilled from my career for years to come!  Without Kirsten, I wouldn’t even have applied for the job.


And getting results so quickly has enabled me to feel positive and excited about working again.  I’m so much happier now about my career!"

Jackie Tilston, Project Manager

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