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Would you love to feel unshakeable self-belief, no matter what career challenge is thrown at you...?

Coaching with me

My goal is to help you discover your Naked Confidence, so you feel calm, confident and capable at work - even if you fear you've been over promoted.

I do this through my transformational 1:1 coaching programmes, where we work together to help you


✅ transform your self-doubt into Naked Confidence™ through powerful exercises to banish limiting beliefs and that negative inner critic, and instead develop a powerful inner cheerleader


✅ develop a true perspective on your areas of strength and growth-potential (rather than the skewed one you have at the moment where you doubt your abilities), as a springboard for your success


✅ boost your ability to excel by learning how to lead, manage and communicate with Naked Confidence™ (to yourself and others)


✅ discover powerful tools and techniques to help you succeed calmly and productively, without ever struggling with stress or overwhelm.


You will finish coaching with me with the self-belief, Naked Confidence™, and skills to succeed at the highest level (with the financial rewards to match).

Refund policy: I am so confident in my coaching - and I believe it's so important that we both believe we can work effectively together - that (unlike most coaches) I am happy to offer a refund policy. 


If, after our first coaching session, you don't feel comfortable carrying on with coaching, or don't believe I will be able to help you, I will happily refund you any money paid so far. 

To arrange your free introductory call, get in touch!

Or if you'd like a taster of my coaching, book onto my Masterclass:


"How to Smash Imposter Syndrome when you feel totally out of your depth in your new high-level job (even if you fear you've been over promoted)"

What is Naked Confidence™?

Naked Confidence™ is deep, unshakeable self-belief, no matter what is thrown at you, or what you’re reaching for in your career.


I call it Naked Confidence™ because it’s already there, deep within you.  You just have to strip away all the fears and limiting beliefs hiding it.

Then using it as rocket fuel to power you to succeed in the career of your dreams.


Empowered & resilient, balanced & courageous, confident & capable.

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What happens on an intro call?

The first step is for you to book a free 30 minute intro call with me, either by emailing me or booking into my calendar.

During that call I find out about you, your specific situation and your goals. 


You can get more understanding about me, the way I work, and how I can help you achieve those goals. 


And we can both decide if we "fit".  (Successful coaching is two-way relationship, the "fit" has to be right for us both.)

I will also give you the opportunity to experience one of my powerful mindset exercises, as an insight into the kind of transformation that is possible when we work together.

Then if we decide to work together, I will help you choose the coaching package that fits best for your needs and budget (payment plans are available); and we can set a date for our first session!


I will then send you the Coaching Contact, Pre-Coaching Questionnaire and invoice for you to complete prior to our first session - and we're ready to go!

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How do the coaching sessions work?

Each session will have a particular focus, as part of your overall journey of transform​ation.

I use a combination of practical, logical, emotional and unconscious tools to help you get clarity and Naked Confidence in your career, transforming that negative internal voice into an internal cheerleader and unrooting those limiting beliefs.

Each session lasts 75 minutes, and take place over Zoom ideally every fortnight.  (It is important for sessions to take place at that frequency to sustain momentum.)  There will usually be homework!  Either additional worksheets to complete before our next session, or tools or techniques to practice in between.

By the end of our journey together, you will have discovered that Naked Confidence that you've been missing, and feel able to move forward in your career with clarity and self-belief.

It is then possible to book further maintenance sessions - what I call Ongoing Nurture Sessions - to help you really embed these changes going forward (these can take place monthly).

This is my mission: to help ambitious women transform their self-doubt into unshakeable self-belief, so they can fulfil their potential and succeed in their dream job, with the salary to match.

If this sounds like what you need, book your free intro call or email me on

I look forward to helping you discover you Naked Confidence™! :)