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"I now feel fulfilled by my career

When I started working with Kirsten, I was bored with the direction my career was going in, and knew that it wasn’t making me happy in the long term.  I felt confused, anxious and quite negative about my future.


Kirsten coached me through a series of practical and emotional tasks and exercises during and in between sessions, to help me work through what I really want and need, and define the next steps to achieve that. 


Thanks to this coaching Programme, I applied for and secured a new role which perfectly aligns with my values, sufficiently pays the bills and has set me up for feeling fulfilled from my career for years to come!  Without Kirsten, I wouldn’t even have applied for the job.


And getting results so quickly has enabled me to feel positive and excited about working again.  I’m so much happier now about my career!"

Jackie Tilston, Project Manager, NHS