Are you feeling stressed and frustrated in your 

I can guide you through your career choices... that you can achieve your dream career

I can help you learn how to perform at your best... that you fulfil your potential, and get the position and earnings you deserve.

I can also teach you how to manage stress and thrive under pressure... that you find balance in your work and your life.

career right now?

And I know a thing or two about being out of balance.

For over a decade, I built a successful career in the Civil Service, negotiating for the UK in Brussels, and operating at the highest levels in some of the toughest roles - including working at senior levels in the National Crime Agency.

I learned:

  • how to build and lead high-performing teams in the Cabinet Office, Home Office and Foreign Office,

  • grow my authority and make an impact as a much younger woman in a male-dominated world,

  • and how to achieve my goals in complex organisations through negotiation, networks, and influence. 

But I came close to burnout. My body would shut down from my inability to handle stress. I was regularly unable to leave my bed for days, sometimes weeks at a time. This went on for years.  


Luckily, I learned powerful “mind-body” tools and techniques that re-set my approach to stress, and helped me thrive. After that, I successfully delivered my hardest project ever, without once getting ill.

Now I use my experience to help other ambitious professional women achieve their career goals with ease and balance - through my one-to-one coaching programmes, workshops and speaking engagements.

To learn more about my experience of burnout, have a look at my blog post: 7 lessons on coming back from the brink of burnout.

The small print

Our work is completely confidential.

I abide by the terms of my professional body (the British Institute of Hypnotherapy and NLP), am fully insured, DBS-checked, and registered with the Information Commissioner. 

I commit to looking after your data in accordance with legislative requirements (see my privacy policy for more information).

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