Nearly 70% of us will experience Imposter Syndrome at some point in our lives. 

That feeling of fear that someone is going to realise you're not actually up to the job, after all.

That need to work longer, and harder, to prove to them (and yourself) that you're good enough.

Those undermining, perfectionist thoughts, dragging you down.

I know how this feels
- because I was once there too.


I had my first panic attack in a meeting, three weeks after starting my first proper job.


I had my second on the way to work the next morning. And that was the following by years of Imposter-fuelled chronic fatigue, panic attacks, and eventually burnout.


I managed to build a highly-successful career in the UK Civil Service, travelling in Tony Blair's cavalcade, negotiating for the UK in Europe, and as Head of Strategy in the National Crime Agency.



But all the while, I was continuing to suffer, in silence, terrified I’d get found out.

It took years of self-discovery before I finally realised, on a retreat in Thailand, how I’d been undermining myself through my negative internal voice and undermining limiting beliefs.

I learned powerful tools to free myself of these, and create instead my own internal cheerleader - and I went on to thrive in my most difficult role yet. 


I had discovered my Naked Confidence™.

I re-trained as a coach, so I can now use my career experiences and coaching expertise to transform other ambitious women's self-doubt into unshakeable self-belief.

That's my mission: to help you discover your Naked Confidence™ too -  so you can succeed in your high-level dream job feeling calm, confident and capable. 

To find out more, join my small group online Masterclass, "How to Smash Imposter Syndrome when you feel totally out of your depth in your new high-level job (even if you fear you've been over promoted)".


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If you want to read the full story of my background, you can have a look at my blog post, The Tale of Kirsten Goodwin 😁

And if you want to talk to me directly about what you want to achieve or change, book a free call!

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